Are your employees working from home securely?

Knowing how to securely work from home is MISSION CRITICAL for you and your employees.

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Medical / Healthcare


Accountants / CPA

Financial Planners

Law Offices

Legal Professionals

Religious Organizations/


Retail / Restaurant

Point of Sale

Vacation Rental Agencies

Hotel / Motel / Resorts

Products and Services Offered

Managed IT Services

We provide Managed IT Support for your company to reduce downtime, prevent cyber attacks and protect your systems from hackers.

On-Site Network Services

We provide on-site network and system repairs, upgrades and new network installations. In addition, we install and maintain Wi-Fi systems, Camera systems and more.

Laptop and Desktop Computers

Whether you're in the market for a new or used PC we have many options available. Give us a call today and we'll find the right computer for your needs. We also repair laptops and desktop computers.

About Direct Connect IT Support

With over 25 years experience, we have what it takes you manage your business IT services.

Direct Connect Computers has been in the computer business since 1991. We have built tens of thousands of desktop PCs, repaired almost as many. Since 2011, we have merged with Direct Wireless Web, an Internet Services Provider and continue to provide computer, network and IT services under the brand Direct Connect IT Support.

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