Disaster Recovery

There is no good time for a disaster to strike your business. Whether it’s a weather related disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, storm surge flooding, or a hacker encrypting your files there’s no time like now to prepare your business for the worst case scenario.

Think of it like insurance – even though you don’t need it right now, you might need it in the future, and without it, recovery could be extremely costly. Direct Connect Computers has the expertise to build you a custom disaster recovery plan as well as business continuity.

Nearly every kind of disaster in a business that causes data loss is preventable. From physical destruction to ransomware encryption – our technicians monitor your systems daily to ensure they are running optimally, as well as ensuring your backups and data are protected.

Contact us today at 386-492-9992 to find out how our services can save your business thousands of dollars by protecting your business today.

You wouldn’t leave your health and family to chance without insurance, so why not protect your business today with a managed services plan from Direct Connect Computers.