We provide a full range of services for cameras and surveillance systems. From installation to repairs, we can handle just about any camera technology on the market. For the past 20+ years, we’ve been a trusted partner in camera installations across Central Florida.

Our newest installs use the latest H.265 technology for unsurpassed quality in recording and playback. IP Cameras with up to 4K resolution are available – with many options available for audio recording (where legally permissible). Your cameras can be viewed using your mobile phone as easily as any other app, or you can install a 4K television and have amazing video quality.

With our 25+ years experience in wireless and data networks, we can often times minimize the number of underground runs across parking lots, as well as combine multiple cameras on a single wire.

For your retail business, bar or restaurant, we also offer POS integration, text insertion and more. These features help track potential employee theft as well as ensure customers are paying for everything.

For parking lots, we also offer custom integrations with license plate scanners and facial recognition where needed. This can help identify unknown vehicles as well as keep quality video evidence when needed to identify a vehicle.

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